Angle On

ANGLE ON: Misadventures In and Out of the Screen Trade

A few years ago, I joined a local screenwriters organization and met a lot of talented, interesting people who were hoping to parlay their insights and stories into a screenwriting career. A good percentage of what I had to contribute to the otherwise fruitful discussions held around the table on Tuesday nights was tales of my fascinating, but ultimately quite unsuccessful foray into the maelstrom of movieland.

The screenwriting organization had a monthly newsletter and the editor of that news letter approached me and asked if I would do a regular column about my experiences in the Biz. I thought it was kind of a cool idea and wondered, myself, what might come out if I wrote about those times.

The result was “Angle On.” I wrote six essays about some of my actual experiences. Though absolutely autobiographical and completely true, they aren’t really simple descriptions of what I witnessed out there. I adopted a sort of light-hearted, “Miss Lonelyhearts” advice column point of view and found some humor and some insights in the writing of them. I’ll let you decide if they are any good. They are short, more fun than informative, and of no use whatsoever to anyone trying to “make it in the movies.”

I hope you enjoy them.

“Tell us, AO, where do you get your ideas?”

“Tell us, AO, of all of the screenwriting gurus out there, who is your favorite?”

“In your experience, AO, do you think an agent is necessary?”

“Tell us, AO, how do I sell my script and make it in Hollywood?”

“Tell us, AO, are producers truly as crazed and tacky as the stories make them seem?”

“Tell us, AO, how come you want so badly to be a screenwriter?”

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